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what we do.
Fast-moving trends require rock-solid core skills. Our savoir-faire is broader than you may expect!

Full Sequence Recording

Multi-camera filming that captures full-length fashion runway shows or keynote speaker's presentation. Choose between half day or full day rate. 

Press. Media. Broadcast.

From catching Singapore's first Olympic Gold medalist Joseph Schooling to other sporting events in ASEAN. We work closely with your journalist, presenter or producer. Speciality filming such as green screen and other on-location filming at your request.

Voice-over Recording

Whether it is multi-character or a single narrator, nothing beats a good condenser mic on a great pre-amp. Get a good clean gain on your vocal application with our sound device.

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B-rolls and Spontaneous Interview

Fully equipped and ready to spring into action, cinematic B-rolls and spontaneous interview filming with good audio quality. Choose between half day or full day rate.

Scheduled Interview

Make no mistakes as this is about catching the scheduled time of your VIP interviewee. Whether you have booked a studio or executive suite, we will set up the camera, lights and mics, ready to roll!

Consultation & Coaching

Consultation on equipment purchase, acquisition of industrial knowledge and practical skills for your in-house crew through small-unit coaching.

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Mootins is a video production company in Singapore made of passion that proudly delivers delightful projects since 2009. We dedicate ourselves to crafting awesome and eye-catching moving visuals that change the way your brand connects. 

We are small yet mighty, we are go-getters but most of all, we are visionary!

what we do


Tell us about your project by completing the form below or email directly to rex(at)mootins(dot)tv.
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